The Globe

The Globe
2045 SE Belmont St

 Happy Hour 3-6 daily

     The globe is a new and relatively unheard of bar in South East that I discovered basically by meeting a waitress who worked there.   She enticed me to check it out by giving me a coupon for $25 of food and drink for $10, so of course I was there the very next day to check out the cheap eats.

     I arrived at the bar totally blind.  There were no reviews or websites for the bar online so I had no idea what kind of food they served.   Tucked away, the feel is that of a local’s bar but with a more up-scale feel.   Couches, books, and board games line the walls giving the atmosphere an inviting and homey quality.  On Sundays, the back of the bar is transformed into a cozy movie theatre with rows of love-seats to lounge upon and catch a free flick on the huge projection screen. On cold nights there is a fire pit to sit around on the patio and sip a glass of wine either with friends or a romantic date.

“The Departed” and a glass of Pinot


     The happy hour menu ranges from $1 to $6 featuring snacks, bruscetta and pizzas.    Not a ton to choose from but I love pizza so I remained undiscouraged.   For $6  you can choose from either caramelized onion and blue cheese, pepperoni and olive, or roast garlic and roast peppers. The bar offers a house-made, high-gluten dough which takes a total of 3 days to prepare.  I went with the garlic and pepper pizza although I would have liked to try all three.  My mouth literally watered as it was cooked at the front of the house, delicious cooking smells wafting throughout the bar.   The pizza was a personal size, but generous enough to easily split.  The crust was thin and the overall taste and texture was greasy, but delightfully savory.  This delicious flavor is leant from the blend of provolone, mozzarella, asiago, and piccante cheeses.  Truly a cheese connoisseur’s delight.  The pizza was topped with soft roasted cloves of garlic and thin ribbons of red peppers.  Before I knew it, I had eaten the entire thing.  The dish had a very similar flavor and texture profile to A Pizza Scholls, but without the hour wait and the “large size only” restriction.

Only one slice remained when I remembered to take a picture
     The bar also features an array of classic, 1950’s-ish cocktails (a la Mad Men) as well as local wines and beers.  The full menu offers some tapas and classic cocktail appetizers to go along with the theme of the drinks.  Options include cheese and cured meats plates, stuffed eggs, pate, and marinated mushrooms. The service is very personal and attentive. It’s a very “where everyone knows your name” feel.  Come for the decadent pizza, stay for the coziness.


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